What is the Silver Ridge Treatment Philosophy?

The Silver Ridge treatment philosophy is based in acceptance and commitment therapy, which is a modality that focuses on increasing psychological flexibility and understanding what’s valuable to you and important to you and helping you connect with those things so that you can be the most engaged with the world and the most quality way possible. We also focus on intrinsic change rather than extrinsic change, which is a defining feature for Silver Ridge. And so when you think about, oftentimes in treatment settings, there’s an emphasis on extrinsic change in behavior modification and all of those things are important. But for Silver Ridge, our intrinsic focus stems from wanting to really understand the function that the substance is serving for a client. And so when we talk to clients initially during the pre-screen process or and their first few days at Silver Ridge, we really want to get an understanding of not so much, you know, the substance itself, but why were we using the substance? What function did that substance serve for you? And typically clients will say things like, you know I’ve struggled with anxiety for years or my job is a high-stress job and substance use is the only way that I know to find relief from that stress. And so once we understand that we can really have a truly intrinsically focused treatment approach where we’re addressing the anxiety or the need for stress relief or sometimes it’s things like unresolved trauma or an underlying depression and so

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About Silver Ridge

Silver Ridge is a primary addiction treatment program in Mills River North Carolina for midlife adults, located about 20 miles south of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Describe the Typical Silver Ridge Client

All of our clients are in the midlife stage of development. That’s the criteria for admission to Silver Ridge. That’s defined as 35 to 65 typically, but midlife adulthood is most expansive age range and it has the most going on in terms of developmental stages.

What is a Typical Day As a Silver Ridge Client?

So we have a more collaborative, autonomous approach for our clients here because this is a midlife program. And so typically clients have some flexibility and freedom in the morning and then we have, this treatment day, is structured very similar to a work day and that’s intentional.