What is a Typical Day As a Silver Ridge Client?

So we have a more collaborative, autonomous approach for our clients here because this is a midlife program. And so typically clients have some flexibility and freedom in the morning and then we have, this treatment day, is structured very similar to a work day and that’s intentional. And so that clients can develop the capacity to plan their days at home or they go to work and then they still have room for self-care and sort of relaxation and reflection that so many of our clients that say don’t have when they first come to treatment. And so it’s not a perfect science but the first half of the day is usually focused on intensive psychotherapy through more academic kind of intellectual psycho-educational groups, emotionally intensive psychotherapeutic process groups, individual therapy and family therapy, and we also have second half of the day which is focused on experiential modalities and holistic modalities. So throughout the week the clients engage in horticultural therapy equine therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, mindfulness meditation, eco therapy, and the combination of those left brain and right brain approaches gives the brain an opportunity to be activated all throughout the day all throughout the week and allows clients to have the most comprehensive treatment possible and we know that that’s especially important for midlife adults.

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Our Campus

Located in the heart of Asheville’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Silver Ridge is a premier addiction treatment program specializing in helping midlife adults overcome alcohol and drug addiction as well as the underlying issues that lead to ongoing use and relapse.

What is the Silver Ridge Treatment Philosophy?

The Silver Ridge treatment philosophy is based in acceptance and commitment therapy, which is a modality that focuses on increasing psychological flexibility and understanding what’s valuable to you and important to you and helping you connect with those things so that you can be the most engaged with the world and the most quality way possible.

Why is Silver Ridge Unique?

Silver Ridge is unique because it’s not a behavior modification model, it’s not a 12-step program, and it’s not extrinsically focused. And so when you think about traditional treatment settings, oftentimes, 12 step work is incorporated into the therapeutic day.