Asheville, NC Addiction Programs

Substance Abuse Programs at Silver Ridge

Addiction recovery is a unique journey for every person, and the Silver Ridge Program reflects that. We have developed a malleable program designed to create a personal experience for every person. Aiming to create a holistic recovery experience, our addiction treatment program addresses issues of the body, mind, and spirit. You will be engaged in family and group therapy sessions while participating in many of the mindfulness programs our clinic offers, such as equine therapy and trauma-sensitive yoga.

Addiction Programs Tailored for Midlife Adults

At Silver Ridge, we cater to midlife in order to focus treatment on the unique needs of an established adult who is struggling with addiction. Lifestyle changes, health concerns, and career difficulties can all serve as addiction triggers. Our program consists of specific interventions meant to increase the sense of self so that a client can have a source of strength when these and other stressors tempt them to relapse.

Some highlights of our addiction treatment program include:

  • Building a personal program based on a client’s history
  • Promoting the belief that everyone has the strength to beat addiction
  • Positive psychology focusing on well-being and resilience
  • Mindful meditation sessions
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Addressing avoidant behaviors and coping strategies that contribute to addiction
  • Psychoeducational groups that teach about the neuroscience behind addiction

Addiction treatment is more than helping a person to stop using drugs or alcohol—it’s a lifestyle program that can improve the way you interact with other people, the world, and your own mind. That’s why every person needs to have an individualized experience that can apply to their own day-to-day living.

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