Ativan Addiction Treatment

Ativan Rehab Program in North Carolina

Ativan is a type of benzodiazepine, usually prescribed as the generic “Lorazepam,” which is intended for relief from anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, like other benzos, it can easily be abused. Many users become physically and psychologically dependent on Ativan simply to function in everyday life. Those who experience Ativan addiction may have intense cravings and continue use despite the problems it causes. Many addicted to Ativan experience relationship troubles, fail to follow through with school and/or work obligations, and lose interest in the things they used to care about.

Getting clean from Ativan takes more than the resolve to stop using it. To free yourself from a powerful addiction to pills like Ativan, you’ll need to undergo a supervised, medical detoxification process in a licensed facility. From there, you will move to inpatient rehab at our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains facility in Asheville, North Carolina. At our Ativan addiction treatment facility, you can focus on your new sober life in a peaceful, collaborative environment with multidisciplinary medical professionals. We specifically cater to midlife adults whose needs differ from adolescents and young adults addicted to drugs.

Our goal at Silver Ridge is to help patients understand the reality of addiction and how to confront it. You won’t have to do it alone, though, as our addiction specialists will help you get sober from the detox process through addiction treatment and therapy.

Am I Addicted to Ativan?

Even if you were prescribed Ativan for a diagnosed anxiety condition, you still run the risk of becoming addicted. Ativan pills create intense relaxation and a pleasant, mildly euphoric feeling when users take their first dose. With continued, frequent use, you may start noticing you aren’t getting that same “high.” This is a classic sign of growing tolerance, and if you find yourself taking more pills than prescribed, especially if you do it in secret and don’t tell your doctor or loved ones, you might be in the early stages of addiction.

Warning signs of Ativan addiction include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, tremors, and nausea
  • Loss of interest in former activities
  • Taking Ativan when you do not feel anxious
  • Isolation and secretiveness about Ativan use
  • Fatigue, passing out, or dozing off at work, school, or in public
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • “Doctor shopping” to obtain more prescriptions for Ativan

Causes of Ativan Abuse

A person who uses Ativan in strict accordance with a doctor’s prescribed orders is unlikely to develop an addiction. With that being said, there is a possibility that a person with a legitimate prescription for Ativan may develop a condition known as “sedative use disorder.” In some cases, individuals who become addicted to Ativan acquire the drug without ever having a legitimate prescription.

Ativan abuse in the United States has become widespread due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • The ease and availability of benzodiazepines (doctor prescriptions, emergency rooms, medicine cabinets, etc.)
  • The calming effects of these drugs make them highly attractive to individuals struggling with high stress
  • The perceived safety of their use due to the fact that they are widely prescribed
  • Research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that benzodiazepines such as Ativan cause brain changes similar to other drugs such as opioids and cannabinoids, leading to addiction

Treatment for Ativan Addiction in a Supportive Environment

At Silver Ridge, we believe anyone can recover from drug addiction. The first step is admitting to having a substance abuse problem, which is a huge stride in your journey to sobriety. We offer a beautiful place in the North Carolina mountains where you can start the process in a supportive environment with other adults who can relate to you.

If you are addicted to Ativan, there is hope. Contact us for help at (855) 945-7788.