Xanax Addiction Treatment

Residential Drug Rehab in Asheville, North Carolina

Xanax is the most commonly-prescribed psychiatric medication in the country, with millions of patients getting prescriptions for the drug every year. Sometimes called purple footballs or bars, Xanax is a benzodiazepine. This category of drugs is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks and includes other drugs similar to Xanax. It’s common for patients who take these drugs to quickly become addicted, as they develop a tolerance and keep upping the dose to achieve the same relief. Anxiety can actually worsen when people who abuse Xanax cannot adhere to a regular schedule and start to go through withdrawal.

You may be addicted to Xanax if it has disrupted your focus from other important things in life and you fixate on when you can get your next batch of pills. The good news is that there is hope for you to overcome Xanax addiction by completing a safe, professional detox and then moving into Silver Ridge’s residential drug rehab in Asheville, NC. Our goal is to help patients understand the reality of their addiction and confront it head-on with the help of our experienced addiction specialists.

Am I Addicted to Xanax?

You may have been prescribed Xanax for a legitimate medical need, but it is still possible to become addicted. Those who use Xanax, even as prescribed, will often notice they don’t achieve the same intense state of relaxation and drowsiness at the same dosage they used to, which is a classic sign of growing tolerance. Many in this scenario will increase the dose and/or start to take the pills more often than necessary, and eventually, find themselves in the throes of addiction.

If you are experiencing the following, you may be addicted to Xanax:

  • Anxiety about when and where you will get your next pills
  • Withdrawal symptoms, such as dizziness and insomnia, after suddenly lowering doses or stopping Xanax
  • Drowsiness and nodding off in public
  • Sudden irritability and agitation
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • “Doctor shopping,” or going to multiple doctors in hopes of getting more Xanax prescriptions

Treating Xanax Addiction in a Compassionate Environment

At Silver Ridge, we believe recovery is possible for everyone. Simply admitting to having a problem and needing help is a huge step in the journey of recovery from Xanax addiction. Sobriety is possible, and we can help you tackle recovery in a personalized way within the beautiful backdrop of the North Carolina mountains.

Are you or a loved one suffering from Xanax addiction? Contact us at Silver Ridge for help. Call (855) 945-7788 today to learn more.