Individual Therapy

Asheville Addiction Counseling

Having a support community is important during addiction recovery, but it is also essential that you have someone you can talk to one-on-one about your specific struggles. Perhaps more than any other treatment in addiction recovery, individual therapy creates a very personal and individualized approach to treatment. This is a person’s opportunity to speak one-on-one with someone they can trust to listen to them without judgment.

Benefits of One-On-One Counseling

A counselor takes time to learn about an individual and their unique journey. They become intimately familiar with their client’s struggles and can communicate with them in a very personal and meaningful way. At the beginning of treatment, counseling usually focuses on how to maintain sobriety and the factors that led to addiction. As treatment goes on, sessions become more personal and emotional as client and counselor establish trust.

During individual therapy, clients and counselors can discuss:

  • The origins of an addiction
  • How to strengthen relationships
  • Developing new life skills to maintain sobriety & value and purpose in life
  • How to live in the present instead of dwelling on the past or future
  • Personal issues that would be difficult to bring up in group therapy

How Addiction Affects the Individual

Substance addiction affects the people closest to those who are struggling. In individual therapy, clients have an opportunity to take all that they have learned from group and family therapy and apply it to themselves in a very personal way. Ultimately, the person who most benefits from addiction treatment is the person struggling with it, and it is important that he or she has developed the tools to maintain their sobriety even when they don’t have immediate access to their support system. This is one of the goals in individual therapy.