Midlife Development Model

Addiction Treatment for Midlife Adults in Asheville

The psychological effects of addiction can change depending on a person’s age. Many addiction programs are directed at adolescents and young adults, which can make the treatment more difficult for midlife adults in the program. At Silver Ridge, our treatments were designed specifically for midlife adults.

Midlife adults face unique challenges and stressors that can lead to and exacerbate an addiction, and treatment needs to address these factors. Our rehabilitation center caters exclusively to adults, providing them with a comfortable environment where they can participate in group therapy with their peers.

The Beginning of a Midlife Addiction

It is a common misconception that addiction starts in youth. In truth, addiction can begin at any age, even if a person has used substances in the past without displaying any symptoms of addiction. As life changes, so do its challenges. There are many experiences in adulthood that could drive a person toward an addiction.

The following are some factors that can lead to an addiction:

  • Increased sensitivity to drugs or alcohol
  • Difficulty coping with the physical and mental effects of aging
  • Frustration with work
  • Chronic pains that lead to attempted self-medication with drugs or alcohol
  • Using substances to cope with the loss of a loved one, divorce, retirement, and other challenges

Benefits of Midlife-Focused Treatment

Treatment for addiction in the midlife stage focuses on increasing the client’s sense of self. Through reflection and intensive therapy, a client works to improve balance in their life. Our counselors and medical professionals are highly experienced working with midlife adults. They have become accustomed to the challenges and stresses that often affect people of this age group. As a result, they can better address a client’s unique needs as they walk the road toward recovery.

The most effective approach for midlife adults is to be collaborative, intrinsically-focused, and balanced. Our holistic treatment program caters to the needs of the mind, body, and soul. Clients are engaged through counseling, group therapy, and psychotherapies. We also have a range of physical activities that get clients up and moving, like yoga and equine therapy.

Working with a rehabilitation team that understands your unique needs is of the utmost importance when treating addiction. At Silver Ridge, we are committed to providing midlife adults with the care and treatment they need