Why is Silver Ridge Unique?

Silver Ridge is unique because it’s not a behavior modification model, it’s not a 12-step program, and it’s not extrinsically focused. And so when you think about traditional treatment settings, oftentimes, 12 step work is incorporated into the therapeutic day. And while we value 12-step work and support groups at Silver Ridge, that’s not a therapeutic modality and it’s not something that we incorporate all into our treatment day. Clients do have the opportunity to go to a full range of support groups while they’re in treatment. We try to help them look at Refuge Recovery and AA and NA and Celebrate Recovery and Smart Recovery; there are several options. And so there’s a lot of opportunity for a client to find what fits best for them in the evenings, if they want to, you know, it’s a man it’s not optional thing. During the treatment day, clients are focused on intensive therapy through acceptance and commitment therapy and really looking at the function that their substance use serves and so that’s a defining feature for Silver Ridge, but you’re not going to be doing step work while you’re in treatment with us. The other thing that differentiates Silver Ridge is that we really do focus on the midlife stage of development and we give clients the opportunity to be with other clients who are in that same developmental stage going through the same type of life stressors that are unique to midlife adults while they’re in treatment and that becomes extremely valuable for our clients.

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What is the Silver Ridge Treatment Philosophy?

The Silver Ridge treatment philosophy is based in acceptance and commitment therapy, which is a modality that focuses on increasing psychological flexibility and understanding what’s valuable to you and important to you and helping you connect with those things so that you can be the most engaged with the world and the most quality way possible.

Our Campus

Located in the heart of Asheville’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Silver Ridge is a premier addiction treatment program specializing in helping midlife adults overcome alcohol and drug addiction as well as the underlying issues that lead to ongoing use and relapse.

Describe the Typical Silver Ridge Client

All of our clients are in the midlife stage of development. That’s the criteria for admission to Silver Ridge. That’s defined as 35 to 65 typically, but midlife adulthood is most expansive age range and it has the most going on in terms of developmental stages.