How to Improve Your Pain without the Use of Opioids

One of the biggest causes of opioid addiction is the abuse of medication that is used for pain relief. While these drugs can be effective in treating pain when they are taken as directed, they pose an increased risk of addiction to those who develop dependencies on them — and are not an option in the first place for those in recovery from substance abuse.

For these reasons, it’s essential to find alternative options to manage your pain that don’t involve opioid-based medications.


Certain pain, such as that related to poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle, can be resolved by strengthening your muscles and increasing your daily activity. Exercises such as walking, weight lifting, yoga, and stretching can help strengthen your muscles and support your body to help reduce pain. Just be sure to always consult your doctor before beginning a new activity regimen.

Physical Therapy

Especially if your pain stems from an injury or occurs after surgery, you may benefit from seeing a physical therapist. They can help improve your mobility and promote healing to reduce your pain without the need for pain medication.

Nerve Blocks

When more holistic treatments don’t help your pain, it may be worth asking your doctor about nerve blocks. These injections can help reduce chronic discomfort associated with sciatica, arthritis, and joint pain, among other conditions, better than opioid medications can.


In more severe cases, you may be able to resolve your pain and improve your quality of life through surgery. This is often an option for those whose pain is caused by physical abnormalities that can be corrected. If you opt for this route to resolve your pain, make sure to speak to your doctor about not receiving opioid-based pain medications for acute post-surgery pain.

Adult Opioid Addiction Treatment

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