To deal with the opioid crisis and increasing rates of addiction, many treatment centers are appearing throughout the country. Choosing rehab near Asheville and how to best begin a recovery journey are difficult decisions for sufferers. What types of treatments work best? Will insurance pay for part or all of my treatment program? Where is the best place for me to get the help I need?

Is there a luxury rehab near me that features evidence-based programming? These are some of the many questions that individuals suffering from addiction ask. While the nation is home to many quality addiction treatment centers, there are some good reasons why North Carolina, with its diverse landscapes and attractions, is drawing people to its rehab centers and here’s why:

Clinical Excellence

When searching for a “luxury rehab near me,” consider searching instead for a luxury or high-quality treatment center in North Carolina. The state is home to addiction rehab centers that encompass evidence-based programming in their treatment offerings. Treatment for substance addiction involves many different behavioral and pharmaceutical approaches. Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy are backed by science, also known as an evidence-based treatment.

These evidence-based treatments have a body of proof establishing the treatment’s efficacy. In other words, these therapies work for many people trying to manage their addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, evidence-based treatment will be delivered by “counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.”

Emphasis on Holistic Living

Many of North Carolina’s best treatment centers, like Silver Ridge, include holistic activities and living solutions in their programming, which provide additional support for the recovery process. Managing dependencies isn’t only about ceasing the use of a drug or alcohol; it’s often about transforming one’s lifestyle to support a sober living.

Holistic solutions may involve alternative treatments that have not yet been fully studied by the medical community, but still have its support because of strong anecdotal evidence that these therapies work. Equine therapy, art therapy, wilderness experiences, and even yoga provide a unique paradigm for building confidence, resilience, mindfulness, and healing.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Location

Another reason why North Carolina is a popular place to base one’s recovery is due to its natural beauty. It’s diverse with its mountains, valleys, plateaus, and coastal region. It’s also home to culturally rich cities that offer positive lifestyle options. When searching for a “luxury rehab near me,” one is likely to find that location plays a vital role in the treatment and recovery process.

Many of the best luxury rehabs in North Carolina use their surrounding landscape to provide holistic treatments and activities that support healthy living and recovery. Immersing oneself in a pristine natural setting is therapeutic in many ways. It provides a welcome contrast to what is in the past. It promotes mindfulness, allowing people to live in the present–free from the problems of the past and worries for the future. In short, it provides individuals suffering from addiction with a place to heal from the trauma of addiction before transitioning back to their lives.

If you are searching for a “luxury rehab near me,” be sure to include North Carolina as a pertinent keyword in your search. It is home to high-quality rehabs and a setting that is incredibly conducive to healing and recovery.