When you take the first steps towards recovery and enter a treatment program for your substance addiction, you likely understand that it will take a lot of hard work and discipline. What you may not initially realize is that many, if not all, treatment centers have several rules that you will need to follow for the duration of your stay.

Although they may seem difficult at first, these rules are in place to help you have the most successful recovery possible.

Rules You May Have to Follow in Rehab

No Cell Phones or Computers

This is your time to step away from the outside world and focus on yourself and your healing. Cell phones, computers, and the information they can access act as distractions; they also allow you to contact those with alcohol or drug connections and can put your or other residents’ privacy at risk if you try posting to social media.

No TV or Movies

Similar to cell phones, watching movies and TV is often considered a distraction and non-productive in your recovery journey. Rather than allow you to sit in front of a television, your recovery counselors will encourage you to participate in outdoor activities like equine therapyecotherapy, and yoga.

No Romantic Relationships

While it is entirely fine to form friendships and other interpersonal connections while you’re in rehab, it isn’t wise to enter into a romantic relationship. When you’re in treatment, you should focus on your own health and well-being, not the details of a new relationship.

Attend All Scheduled Sessions

In order to best address the underlying issues of your substance use and work towards sobriety and a healthier lifestyle, you will likely have a very structured schedule during your time in substance treatment.

You will also be required to attend all the planned activities and therapy sessions. Yes, there may be days where the last thing you’ll want to do is speak with your addiction counselor, but, for the sake of your health and recovery, it’s essential that you attend all your sessions as scheduled.

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