Acknowledging your addiction and deciding to seek professional treatment are important first steps for a successful recovery. The next step is deciding if traveling to rehab or staying local is right for you.

As an executive, confidentiality, and privacy are paramount. You’d prefer to share your upcoming rehab with a select few. Traveling away from your work location for executive rehab may be the best way to discreetly take care of your addiction, even when treatment takes some time.

How Long Does Executive Rehab Take?

There is no set time period for treatment; each person is different with unique needs and circumstances. Many executive rehab facilities offer 30-day programs. However, you may benefit from a longer stay, such as 60 or 90 days. Sufficient time spent on inpatient treatment helps you develop and maintain the skills you need to stay in recovery.

A longer rehab program gives you more time to focus on the root causes and behaviors behind addiction and to practice sober living behaviors. Studies show that people who stay three months or longer in addiction treatment have better rates of long-term sobriety.

Is Being Away from Job and Family a Good Idea?

Your first instinct may be to stay close to home and work. You’re an executive with professional responsibilities and you have obligations to your family. While these are important factors, if you don’t heal properly from addiction, your ability to care for your career and family is compromised.

It’s critical to remove yourself from familiar temptations while you regain good physical and mental health. Staying local means being near favorite watering holes and places where you purchased or used drugs. By traveling to rehab, you remove yourself from familiar places. You’ll reduce temptations and increase the odds of staying sober while in treatment by doing so.

In addition, a top-tier executive rehab facility may not be local, so traveling becomes a necessity. Attending a treatment center with others who are at similar stages of their lives can give you valuable support from people who understand your circumstances. It’s worth the trip to have the peer support found there.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle During Addiction Treatment

As an executive, you’re accustomed to a certain lifestyle. A rehab facility that maintains your quality of life makes it easier to concentrate on getting well. Luxuries in a top-tier treatment center include fine cuisine, spacious and private accommodations in estate settings, excellent amenities such as indoor and outdoor recreation areas and increased levels of security and privacy.

Travel Offers More Advantages

The advantages of traveling to rehab can help you heal more effectively. By healing more effectively, you’ll increase the chances of long-term sobriety. Your ability to stay sober promotes a healthy environment for you, your loved ones, and your career.

If traveling is what it takes to gain the benefits of complete privacy, eliminating temptations and distractions, having meaningful peer support, and maintaining your quality of life, it’s worth the trip.