There are very few adults who don’t feel some sort of trepidation or anxiety when meeting a new group of people — but that feeling usually subsides after a short while once you begin to feel more comfortable. However, for those with social anxiety, that feeling can be debilitating and last much longer, potentially even preventing them from going to outings in the first place.

Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs can sometimes be used as a coping mechanism to make them feel more at ease. When that’s the case, addiction becomes a more possible result. Here’s why:

Many Don’t Seek Treatment for Social Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, only about 37% of people suffering from anxiety actually seek professional treatment. When left with their own thoughts and fears, those with social anxiety don’t always know how to safely and healthily cope with their feelings, leading them to potentially seek more dangerous methods of doing so.

Self-Medicating Can Quickly Lead to Addiction

You’ve probably heard something like the phrase, “I’m more fun when I’m drunk.” Well, when adults continuously drink to excess in order to feel calm and seem likable at social events, they can quickly find themselves addicted to turning to alcohol even more than before when they’re at social gatherings.

Medications can Lead to Addiction

If an adult actually receives professional treatment and part of their treatment is prescribed medication, they can easily become addicted if they don’t follow the instructions from their doctor. For example, if someone overtakes their medication because they feel it isn’t working well enough, they can eventually feel as if they cannot function without it.

At Silver Ridge, our dual diagnosis treatment program is designed to simultaneously help adults struggling with addiction and mental illness. Recovery is hard work, but with professional help, many people overcome even a severe co-occurring disorder and go on to enjoy a productive, fulfilling life. Contact us to begin your journey today.