Nowadays, many companies will create cultures in which you do more than simply sit and work at the office for eight hours a day. They’ll organize happy hours, team outings, and other activities that give you the chance to bond with your coworkers.

While these incentives may seem fun, for those who have struggled with substance abuse in the past, these outings may bring about feelings of trepidation and make them wonder if they’ll be risking their sobriety. However, there are plenty of ways you can socialize with coworkers while staying sober.

Ways to Maintain Sobriety While Spending Time with Colleagues

Spend Time with Those Who Know You’re Sober

If you have disclosed to certain coworkers that you are sober, those are the people you should first spend time with since they will be able to sympathize and understand your efforts to abstain from drinking. Once you are comfortable, then you can move on to socializing with other colleagues.

Take the Pressure Off Yourself

You may think that you bring less to the table or are not as much fun without drinking at social events, but that is far from the case. Take yourself out of the mindset that you’re there to impress people and remember that your colleagues are simply trying to spend time with you and get to know you as a person. By removing any added pressure, you’ll feel much more comfortable at work events.

Suggest Other Activities

It seems like an office go-to is always a happy hour or a dinner involving multiple bottles of wine — but this doesn’t have to be the case. Speak to your supervisor and suggest alternative events that don’t involve alcohol so everyone can still have fun and you’ll have an easier time maintaining your sobriety.

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