What to Say to Your Children When You Seek Addiction Treatment

When you make the decision to seek help for your substance abuse issues and choose to go into an inpatient treatment program, it can be difficult to figure out what to say to those around you to explain your upcoming absence. While you have no obligation to tell anyone where you’ll be during that time period, you may think it best to discuss it with your immediate family.

And while it may be a bit easier to speak to your partner about going to a treatment facility, the same can not always be said about speaking to your children on the topic. If you’re struggling to decide how to speak to them and what to say, here are a few tips that can help.

Make the Conversation Age-Appropriate

Your children likely see and know more than you might think, so in certain cases, it may be best to be honest with your children about where you’re going. Older children will understand if you tell them that you’re going to addiction treatment. If you have younger children, they may better understand that you’re seeing a doctor because you’re sick.

Be Honest with Them

Your children will likely have questions when you tell them you’re going into a treatment program. If they do, it’s best to be as honest as possible with them so you quell any uncertainty and make them feel comfortable about your leaving. This also gives them the chance to prepare for any changes in your home even before you leave.

Assure Them It Isn’t Their Fault

Often times, children, especially young ones, can assume that your leaving has something to do with or is caused by them. It’s essential to let them know that they did not cause your addiction and should not blame themselves.

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