When you’re in a relationship — dating, married, or otherwise — with a person who struggles with addiction, you know the strain that it puts on the two of you. The negative impact their addiction has had on your relationship can leave you wondering if what the two of you have is salvageable, even after they receive treatment.

In order to heal as both individuals and as a couple, here are some tips to consider when trying to repair a marriage after substance abuse treatment.

How to Repair a Relationship Affected by Addiction

Set Realistic Expectations

Both the person recovering from addiction and their partner need time to heal from the negative impacts addiction had on their relationship. As the person in recovery, do not expect broken trust with your partner to immediately return. As their partner, understand that you need to give yourself time to heal; patience with yourself and your spouse is key.

Focus on the Future

It is very easy to hold onto the ways addiction hurt your marriage, but doing so can inhibit the healing process. Try to distance your thoughts of what your marriage was before your spouse sought treatment, and focus on the ways you can grow and build your marriage going forward.

Be Honest with Each Other

You may find it difficult to tell your spouse the way their behavior made you feel while they were struggling with addiction, but, in order to truly mend your relationship, you need to be as honest as you can with each other. Speak openly about how addiction hurt you and how you think you both can take action to mend it.

Make Intentional Choices

Every relationship takes work to maintain, and those affected by addiction require even greater effort. You likely neglected your relationship while you were using drugs or alcohol, so make active, intentional choices to prioritize your partner. Plan date nights, attend your children’s after-school activities, and leave your partner notes to show them you care.

Attend Therapy Together

Therapy can make a big impact on repairing your marriage after addiction treatment. Not only can family therapy help loved ones better understand how addiction affected you, but couples therapy can help you be more open with your spouse and work through your problems more effectively.

Discreet and Effective Addiction Treatment for Midlife Adults

The Silver Ridge program focuses on the well-being of the whole person by providing a safe place free from the pain of addiction, which is done through the encouragement of personal exploration and therapeutic practices. We cater to midlife in order to focus treatment on the unique needs of an established adult who is struggling with addiction.

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