A little extra cash never hurt anyone. In 2020, countless Americans found themselves with a little extra time on their hands and a desire to cushion their income in the midst of an unpredictable economy.

If you’re one of them but you’re not sure how to make money on the side, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at second career ideas that might be right for you so you can live a life free from financial stress.

Second career ideas 2021

  • Food delivery

Restaurants and eaters alike have benefited from growing food delivery services, like Doordash, Uber eats and more. This is a great job if you have availability during those dinner-time and late-night hours. Have a friend hop along for the ride or listen to a podcast as you drive and the time will fly by if only you can handle the smell of warm pizza in your car without taking a bite.

  • Grocery shop for people

With companies like Instacart and Shipt, you can make extra money grocery shopping. The concept is simple – someone posts a grocery list online, you pick up the items at the store and drop them off at the person’s home. This is an awesome job if you’re looking for a low-brain power task to unwind after your mentally grueling 9 to 5. You make your own hours with this job so it’s incredibly flexible, and you can make some serious cash with tips, too.

  • Resell thrift store finds

If you know what to look for and how to market it to the right buyers online, you’ll be raking in cash in no time. Reselling second-hand items turns your thrifting passion into profit because it opens up niche items to a much broader market, the internet. Vintage clothing, novelty items, movie collectibles, antique clocks, rare books and more are all worth a pretty penny. 

  • Repurpose furniture

Whether you’re reupholstering century-old chairs or giving a modern paint job to a dresser, you can make extra money refurbishing and reselling furniture. Try looking for items on the Facebook marketplace and putting a creative spin on them. Sometimes all a piece needs are freshly sanded and stained wood, new knobs and the right flea market to find a new home. Customers will pay a premium for pieces that are in good shape, too.

  •  Landscaping

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned lawn mowing to put a little cash in your pocket. There will always be a crowd of people who would prefer to dole out money than break a sweat themselves, so ask neighbors what they’d be willing to pay. Consider snow shoveling, pulling weeds and raking leaves to make extra money year-round.

  •  Nannying or tutoring

In 2020, schooling was no longer a predictable childcare option. Many families made the transition to homeschooling or a hybrid model and found that it suited their lifestyle better. To assist with the adjustment, the market for nannies and tutors rose significantly. In-home childcare is one of the highest-paying jobs available (and most fulfilling if you love kids). Find a family whose schedule complements yours and you’re golden.

  •  Online translating

We’re more globally connected than ever, and with that innovation comes the opportunity to make money on the side through the web. If you know more than one language you’ll want to take advantage of online translating jobs. There are dozens of sites that will pay you to translate audio or written files. Check out a list of translating jobs here.

  •  Donate plasma

Plasma donation has the double advantage of increasing your cash flow and potentially saving a life. According to CSL Plasma, plasma donation is similar to blood donation but takes much longer. In order to incentivize these important donations, donors are compensated for their time. The procedure is safe, and medical professionals ensure that you’re not donating too often.

  •  Start a blog or a Youtube channel

Becoming an influencer may seem out of reach, but you don’t have to have millions of followers to make extra money. All you need is 1,000 subscribers on youtube before you can start making money with advertisements and if you start a blog on your own site you can add ads at any point. If you have a desire to educate or entertain and the skills to back it up, start creating.

  • Mental health counselor

With the right credentials, you can sign up to be an online counselor. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a major uptick in people searching out mental health services. Most providers started or increased their virtual services, making therapy accessible from anywhere in the country. This adjustment means that practitioners can work from anywhere, too.

Breaking free from financial stress

There are plenty of options for a second career in 2021 to add to your rainy-day fund. Making some extra cash on the side is a great way to handle financial difficulties, but sometimes it’s not enough. If your expenses are causing distress, interfering with your mental health or leading to substance abuse, it’s time to get help.

If money is a trigger to substance use check out Silver Ridge Recovery. Compassionate therapists and counselors provide holistic treatment and will help you to unwind the stress of life so you can stay away from substances. Invest in your wellbeing with Silver Ridge Recovery by calling 855-945-7788.