Insomnia and Substance Detox

When someone who struggles with addiction decides to work toward recovery, their first step will be to detox from the substance they’ve been using. This is one of the hardest parts of the recovery process since it can be physically and mentally taxing to remove all traces of the drugs or alcohol from the body.

One of the most common side effects of detoxing tends to be insomnia. In order to get back on a regular sleeping pattern and avoid the additional effects of staying up all night, here are some tips for dealing with insomnia whiling detoxing.

Establish A Regular Sleep Schedule and Nighttime Routine

You’ll have an even harder time falling asleep if you stagger the times you go to sleep. Instead, set a particular routine and sleep schedule, and stick to it. Perhaps you like to read before bed or always watch a particular show on certain evenings. Whatever it is, make sure you keep that routine every night. Then start getting ready for bed at the same time each night and make sure you’re in bed, lights off, phone away, by a specific time.

Avoid Long Naps

While quick naps throughout the day can help you feel refreshed, long naps can cause you to fall into a deeper sleep. That can result in your not being able to fall asleep at a regular time at night. Avoid napping for longer than 30 minutes during the day.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

Certain foods or drinks, such as those with caffeine or high in sugar content can keep you up at night if you consume them too close to bedtime. Be mindful of your diet and avoid consuming coffee, desserts or candy, soda, lactose-rich foods, or anything that may upset your stomach at least four hours before you plan on going to sleep. If you need something to hold you over until morning, opt for a light, healthy snack.

Don’t Watch the Clock

If you find yourself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, it can be tempting to constantly check the clock — but do your best to avoid doing so. This small action can make you feel more anxious and only keep you up longer. Keep your eyes off the clock, and focus on feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep.

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