The social stigma surrounding the topic of addiction and the way addiction is portrayed in pop culture can lead to a lack of empathy and understanding toward those struggling with substance abuse. One of the best ways to combat these issues is to address some common misconceptions about addiction and substance abuse disorders.

Things to Understand About Addiction

Help is Possible Before Rock Bottom

Oftentimes, there is a belief that a person will not accept help for their alcohol or drug addiction before they hit rock bottom, so those around them allow them to abuse substances for a longer period of time. However, reaching so low a point in their struggle with substances can be extremely dangerous, as it can often lead to an overdose and other life-threatening situations.

You don’t have to let a loved one fall this deep into addiction. With the right intervention, support, and treatment, they can receive the help they need early on before their substance abuse issues worsen.

Addiction Rewires the Brain

Rarely do those with substance abuse problems use drugs or alcohol simply because they want to. On the contrary, addiction has rewired their brain to constantly crave the euphoric feeling their substance provides them.

Going without their substance causes them to feel abnormal, so they use drugs or alcohol more and more. Typically those struggling with addiction ignore any negative consequences of their substance abuse, even though they are aware of them.

Quitting Cold Turkey is Not Safe

You may find your self wondering why those struggling with addiction don’t just quit cold turkey if they know the negative consequences of continuing to use. Believe it or not, it’s better that they don’t, since quitting cold is usually ineffective and can actually be dangerous if the person is addicted to certain substances such as heroin.

It’s a Marathon

Recovery from substance addiction is a long road, often filled with bumps. While proper treatment can help ensure lasting sobriety, it’s not entirely uncommon for adults to experience small relapses or require new treatments to learn new coping methods. Expecting a person to be completely healthy right off the bat rather than helping them on their journey can actually be counterproductive to their achieving sobriety.

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