You may have heard the phrase “the first year is always the hardest,” typically said in relation to marriage. Well, the same can be said about recovering from substance abuse. As you begin your journey toward lasting sobriety and a healthier life, you will face many personal obstacles and tests that will require firm determination and willpower to overcome.

When it comes to making it through the first year of recovery, here are a few tips that can help.

Make Time for Fun Activities

While you should steer clear of activities and gatherings that may put your sobriety at risk, you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, stay cooped up in your house. Make plans to see friends, attend a local theater show, or visit a museum. By still making time for fun activities, you won’t feel as though your entire life is solely centered around sobriety.

Be Proud of Milestones

When you’re recovering from substance abuse, you may pass more milestones than you realize — and they should be acknowledged. By highlighting when you make it to the 30-day, 60-day, 90-day marks and so on, you’ll be able to truly celebrate your efforts.

Choose Friends Wisely

Not everyone who was in your life before you sought treatment for substance addiction is going to be a good person to have around during recovery. Carefully consider who you want to keep in your inner circle and who you should stay away from during recovery. They can have a huge impact on how your first year of recovery goes — they can be helpful and make it a bit easier, or they can present temptations and make things more difficult.

Keep Your Support System Close

Don’t skip meetings just because you’re feeling okay — they help keep you on track. Lean on loved ones who offer you support and encouragement. If you do feel like you may slip and use again, call up your addiction counselor for help and guidance.

At Silver Ridge, we are committed to helping adults not only achieve lasting sobriety but also address the underlying causes of addiction, so they can maintain healthy, more fulfilled lives.

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