After you receive treatment for substance abuse, one of the most important things to prioritize is building a strong support system. The right group of people can help you maintain your sobriety and be there for you on even the toughest of days. If you’re struggling with whom to include in that group, here are some good starting points.

People to Include in a Support System


As long as you are on good terms with your family members, they are some of the best people to include in your support system. Family members have known you longer than anyone else and have likely seen you at your best and worst, allow them to help you through difficult times.


Certain friends can be very helpful to have around as you begin your recovery journey. Rely on friends who support your sobriety and who may even stay sober with you in solidarity. However, it’s best not to keep friends who enabled your addiction close by, as they can put you at risk for relapse.


Your sober sponsor knows exactly what you’re going through and is a wonderful person to turn to for support in your recovery. They’ll be able to advise you on steps to take when you’re feeling tempted to relapse since they likely have been there themselves and have made it through the other side.


Although your career may have been one of the reasons you turned to alcohol or drugs in the first place, upon returning to your job or seeking a new place of employment, consider leaning on your boss or colleagues for support.

For example, if you’re dealing with a stressful project, let them know so that the appropriate measures may be taken to alleviate those feelings and prevent you from relapsing.

In general, there is no rule that a person in your support system has to fall into a certain category. As long as that person supports your sobriety and is invested in your healthy future, they can be someone you turn to.

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