In a perfect world, when you make the decision to seek help for substance addiction, you would enter rehab, learn and make the necessary changes you need to create a healthier life, and be set in sobriety for the future. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

On top of recovery requiring you to make active choices each day to maintain your sobriety, life can throw stressors your way, and as a result, relapses can happen. In cases like these, you may find yourself needing to attend rehab again.

Reasons You May Have to Attend Rehab Again

You Did Not Attend a Program That was Right for You

Choosing the right addiction treatment program makes a huge impact on the success of your recovery. If you didn’t attend the right program in the first place, you may not have addressed the underlying causes of your addiction, ultimately putting you at risk for relapse (and additional treatment) in the future.

To find the right rehab program the first time, consider if the facility:

  • Treats a specific age group of people: Adults often have different stressors than teens.

  • Offers treatment for dual diagnosis: Mental health and addiction are often connected.

  • Is in a tranquil location: The right locations make for a better recovery.

  • Offers flexible lengths of stay: This may be 60 days, 90 days, or longer.

You Lacked a Strong Support System

Sometimes, this isn’t entirely your fault. In some cases, loved ones were not willing to come back into your life as easily, leaving you more isolated and without a support system at all. In other cases, the people in your life don’t have your best interests at heart. Whatever the reason, without a strong support system, you may relapse and need to seek another round of treatment.

Your Addiction Proved to Be Too Strong

Substance abuse changes the chemistry of your brain, which is why becoming and staying sober can be so difficult. Even if you attend a rehab program, sometimes the hold that substances had on you may prove to be too strong, causing you to relapse and go back into treatment.

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