The purpose of a drug addiction rehab center is to ultimately set you up for success in your journey toward sobriety and recovery. They offer distinct benefits that other types of outpatient drug rehab do not, in that they are able to focus on you as an individual and cater to your unique treatment needs.

So, why are drug rehab centers a particularly beneficial type of treatment?

They provide structure

Most drug rehab centers are focused on providing inpatient care. In this type of environment, you will adhere to a schedule that is made up of both your treatment programs as well as free time for personal development. Structure is one of the most important components in early recovery, because drug addiction can remove any semblance of structure and leave you feeling disoriented.

Through drug addiction rehabilitation, counselors, addiction specialists and fellow residents can help guide you through rehab treatment to keep you on track in your sobriety.

They tailor treatment modalities to your needs

Treatment for drug addiction is not a one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason, drug addiction rehab centers offer a variety of treatments to suit your specific needs, such as:

  • Family therapy. Drug addiction is not an individual struggle; it often impacts friends, family members and loved ones of the person challenged by drug addiction. Weekly family therapy is often encouraged at drug addiction rehab centers to help repair relationships in a controlled, non-judgmental environment.
  • Individual therapy. Just as drug rehab is not a blanket approach, your specific treatment plan will include a form of individual therapy best suited to your needs. Common therapy types include cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and psychotherapy.
  • Medication-assisted treatment. Medication-assisted treatment is a leading treatment method used for detoxing the body of substances. It works by using certain substances – including methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone – to block the euphoric effects of the drugs in the body while reducing symptoms of withdrawal.

They offer a safe and supportive environment

Most importantly, drug addiction rehab centers are entirely free from addictive substances – the same substances for which you might have struggled with addiction. On a basic level, this is one of the many reasons why drug rehab is so effective: you cannot continue to use substances if they are not available to you. For many individuals, this type of environment can help make recovery permanent.

Drug rehab centers also offer an emotionally safe and nurturing environment. Each person you interact with will be there to help you confront your addiction and live a full, sober life.

They help you live the life you deserve

Regardless of past mistakes or addictions, regardless of the way you perceive yourself or the way society perceives those struggling with substance use, you are worthy of a happy, healthy life.

Drug rehab centers can help teach you how to reach this point. Through holistic treatment, you will learn to restore your mind, body and spirit after addiction, whether that means repairing fractured relationships, easing back into full-time work, becoming financially literate or exploring sobriety outside of rehab.

They help you look inwards

The emphasis on therapy in drug addiction rehab is intentional. In order to thrive in your recovery, you must be able to recognize and face your own thoughts, especially during tough times. Drug rehab centers employ a number of methods in helping you take ownership over your thoughts and feelings.

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is one of these methods. This particular modality is defined as a hybrid of traditional behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that the technique takes practices from cognitive behavioral therapy, like teaching clients how to recognize thoughts that become behaviors. ACT integrates these and other practices with mindfulness, so that clients become more resilient to adversity.

Acceptance and commitment therapy focuses on changing “self-talk,” or our internal dialogues. Self-talk can be destructive at times, especially if we are struggling with addiction or mental health issues. We have the power to confront this negative self-talk, positively change perspectives and adjust behaviors accordingly. Acceptance and commitment therapy is particularly powerful in drug addiction rehab because it helps inspire self-confidence.

You have the power to overcome your addiction and achieve sobriety.

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