Drinking alcohol may be socially acceptable, but for many people, it can become a problem. Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction affect thousands of people and their families nationwide.

There are many signs of alcohol abuse that people should note when evaluating their relationship with alcohol. If you have ever asked yourself, “am I an alcoholic?” you should consider the following information.

You Drink to Feel Better

If you find that you’ve established a pattern of drinking when you’re under stress or you’re drinking to drown anger or sadness, you are likely paving the way to an alcohol use disorder.

When considering whether you are an alcoholic, you should also ask yourself if you drink to feel better. Drinking alcohol is not a healthy way to cope with stress. Stress and negative emotions can quickly become the triggers that will lead you to drink more and more until you no longer have to ask yourself, “am I an alcoholic?”

You Drink Alone

One sign of alcoholism is tuning out family and friends, especially people who don’t drink to the extent that you do. If you regularly find yourself drinking alone, you should ask yourself, “am I an alcoholic?”

If you drink alone every day as well as with others, you are likely drinking too much alcohol and could already be experiencing a substance use disorder.

You Experience Blackouts While Drinking

If you’re wondering if you are an alcoholic, you should consider whether your drinking leads to dangerous blackouts or drinking so much that you get sick, vomit or lose consciousness.

Suffering blackouts is a classic sign of alcoholism. If you experience blackouts, you are drinking more than your body can handle. Blackouts are a sign that your excessive alcohol consumption is affecting your health and well-being.

Work and Relationships Suffer

Many people addicted to alcohol find that their performance at work diminishes and their loved ones become frustrated or concerned with their behavior. If drinking begins to interfere with work or relationships, you need to ask yourself, “am I an alcoholic?”

Inability to Stop Drinking

People who are addicted to alcohol find themselves unable to stop drinking even when they want to. If they stop drinking and withdrawal symptoms begin, that is a sign that alcohol dependence has set in.

You should ask yourself “am I an alcoholic?” if you suffer tremors when you don’t drink, think about drinking throughout the day or feel nauseous or ill if you don’t consume alcohol in a certain time period.

Am I An Alcoholic?

If you have answered yes to the question, “am I an alcoholic?” then you are ready to take the next step on your path to recovery by seeking addiction treatment. You can seek help from your healthcare provider or an addiction specialist. Like other forms of substance addiction, alcoholism is a disease. While it cannot be cured, it can be effectively managed. There is hope.