Anyone who has known someone who struggles with substance abuse knows that addiction affects much more than the person using that substance. It can affect family members, friends, colleagues, and so many more.

As a parent, your addiction can often take a large toll on your children. Besides the physical affect your addiction can have on them (addiction and addictive tendencies can sometimes be passed down through genetics), your children can find themselves experiencing the emotional and psychological effects of your substance abuse.

The Effects Addiction Has on Your Children

They May Feel Guilty

Especially if you happen to drink or use drugs while at home, your children can feel as though they are the reason for your substance abuse problem. If they do, they may blame themselves for your addiction and feel guilty for putting you in that position.

They May Feel Confused

Young children, in particular, will not realize that substances make you behave a certain way, so they will be confused as to why you sometimes seem in haze or have difficulty moving around the house. Older children may understand the cause behind certain behaviors but may still have difficulty grasping the reason you take drugs or drink — unable to realize how addiction takes control of you.

They May Be Embarrassed

If your addiction has become so bad that your home has fallen into disarray or your appearance has greatly changed, your child may feel embarrassed to have guests come to the house or see you. They likely won’t want to admit to those close to them that their parent struggles with substance abuse, so they will hide that fact.

They May Not Be Able to Maintain Relationships

Since addiction changes how you behave and fundamentally function, your children may begin to view you as unreliable or untrustworthy. As they grow up feeling this way, they can be predisposed to believe everyone they meet also possesses these traits, and may be unable to form lasting personal relationships.

It can sometimes take seeing how your addiction affects your loved ones to truly realize that you need help. At Silver Ridge, we offer adults discreet, professional addiction treatment to allow them to achieve safe, lasting sobriety and live an overall healthier life.

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