A common misconception about substance abuse recovery is that once a person enters and completes treatment, they are entirely cured of their disease and all addictive tendencies. However, just like other chronic illnesses, addiction can rear its ugly head down the line and affect a person’s life again.

A main concern for those in recovery is the chance that they will find a new addiction to replace the one they initially beat. In order to avoid this, it’s essential to understand how these new addictions can form.

Understanding Addiction Replacement

Addiction Is Caused by Underlying Issues

More often than not, a person falls into addiction as they try to cope with underlying physical, emotional, or mental issues. They may abuse prescription medications to ease chronic pain, alcohol to de-stress, or opioids to lessen their anxiety.

Additionally, many adults struggling with substance addiction may also have addictive tendencies in other areas of their lives, such as gambling or an inability to control their impulses.

Addiction Transfer Seeks the Same High

When these underlying issues are not addressed as a person tries to get sober, they may seek out new methods that help them cope. While they may not relapse into substance abuse, there are plenty of other vices that can replace drugs and alcohol and still achieve a desired high.

The most common addiction replacements tend to be:

  • Smoking nicotine products

  • Gambling

  • Overworking

  • Binge eating

  • Sex/pornography

  • Shopping

While some of these may seem like better alternatives to drug use, they bring about their own set of problems that still leave you or a loved one with addictive tendencies.

Avoiding Addiction Replacement

The only true way to ensure an adult doesn’t replace one addiction with another is to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. This is best done through intensive therapy at an alcohol or drug treatment facility.

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