One of the most common misconceptions about drug or alcohol addiction is that the disease only affects the person using substances. On the contrary, substance abuse also affects those around the person using — especially if they are a family member or close friend.

While you may not immediately realize the effects the addiction has on those around you, understanding them can help you realize the greater power substances have.

How Substance Abuse Affects Loved Ones


Adults who have a drug or alcohol addiction can often make those they live with feel uneasy, for more reasons than one. Your addiction may lead to arguments between you and your spouse as they attempt to help you or you may blame them for things that go wrong, even if those problems are the result of your own addiction.

Trust Issues

It’s not uncommon for those abusing drugs and alcohol to lie about their whereabouts or behavior in an effort to conceal their addiction. This tends to create trust issues between them and their loved ones. Trust issues can also arise in loved ones themselves if one person lies for the adult struggling with addiction.


Whether they are too drunk to pick up the kids from school or consistently high in their children’s presence, parents who struggle with substance abuse openly create feelings of neglect in the eyes of both their children and other family members and friends. These feelings can remain with children as they grow up and create long-term, strained relationships between the parent and child.

Financial Problems

Addiction is an expensive habit. As adults try to finance their drug or alcohol problem, they can create serious financial problems for themselves and family members. For example, budgeted money may go toward substances instead of paying their bills or grocery shopping, or an adult may drain their savings account in the process of paying for their substance use.

Treating Substance Abuse in North Carolina

If you’re noticing that your substance addiction has started to make those around you suffer as well, it’s time to take the steps towards recovery and sobriety. Silver Ridge specializes in providing clinically effective addiction treatment for professional adults suffering from substance abuse issues.

Our program focuses on the well-being of the whole person by providing a safe place free from the pain of addiction through the encouragement of personal exploration and therapeutic practicesContact us today to begin your fresh start.