Addiction can affect anyone, in any industry, in any walk of life. There is no age, career path, or other factor that makes a person exempt from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. But unfortunately, there are certain industries that may put you at a greater risk for substance abuse problems.

While you may not be able to change your career, you should be aware of the industries with the highest addiction rates so you can keep yourself safe from substance abuse.

Finance and Law

This is a high-paced, high-stakes industry that can lead employees to use drugs and alcohol simply to make it through the week. Some workers may turn to stimulants to stay awake and manage their hectic workloads, while others may have more than a few drinks to get through stressful weeks.

On top of that, this industry tends to be one that allows adults to earn a lucrative salary, which may lead to a lot of partying and potentially increased marijuana, cocaine, or other recreational drug use.

Construction and Mining

It’s no secret that adults who work in these industries are not always provided the safest working conditions. When adults get injured on the job, they are often prescribed pain medications that are easy to get addicted to. These industries also have higher rates of alcoholism than others.

Food and Nightlife Industry

From waiters to cooks to promoters, adults who work in the food and nightlife industry tend to work long hours in high-stress environments. Food service workers may use stimulants to stay awake and functioning during longer shifts, while those in nightlife are often surrounded by alcohol, cocaine, and other recreational drugs.

At Silver Ridge, we focus on improving the overall well-being of our patients as a way to treat substance addiction. Our program consists of specific interventions meant to increase the sense of self so that a client can have a source of strength when these and other stressors tempt them to relapse.

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