Very rarely is there just a single factor that causes addiction. In reality, there are often multiple factors that work to create an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Even so, it’s important to recognize common risk factors for alcohol addiction in order to stay on the straight and narrow.


Unfortunately, your DNA can work against you in your journey to sobriety. If one or both of your parents, or even grandparents, struggled with alcohol addiction, there’s a possibility you may be genetically predisposed to addiction yourself. Knowing your family history can help combat this factor.

Drinking History

In general, those who start drinking at an early age or drinking more each time they drink run a higher risk of becoming addicted to alcohol. On the contrary, those who don’t drink a lot or start drinking once they’re of legal age can be less at risk for addiction.

For example, according to the NIAAA, those who start drinking before the age of 15 were four times as likely to become dependent on alcohol as adults.


Certain personality traits can be linked as a risk factor for alcohol addiction. For instance, people who demonstrate risky behaviors or ignore danger are typically those who also drink more heavily.

However, someone doesn’t need to have a risk-taking personality to suffer from alcohol addiction. Those who consider themselves “more fun when drunk” can also struggle with addiction as they drink more to make sure people like having them around.

Emotional State

It’s no secret that some people use alcohol to cope with negative emotions. Those who already struggle with depression, anxiety, or anger issues can be more at risk for alcohol addiction since they can often not know how else to cope with their feelings aside from drinking.

Those who have not had their mental illness diagnosed are even more at risk since they can feel as though alcohol helps quell their symptoms and make everything temporarily alright.

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