While many people may think that addiction primarily impacts the person’s struggling with substance abuse, it actually takes a significant toll on those close to that individual as well. As you help your loved one work towards recovery, it’s important to prioritize your own mental and emotional health, too.

Nar-Anon meetings are a great resource for family members and friends of those struggling with addiction. However, if you’re a bit wary to attend meetings, knowing what to expect can make you feel more at ease.

What to Expect at a Nar-Anon Meeting

A Safe Space

Not a single individual who attends these meetings does so to judge another person’s experience or struggles. Everyone there understands what it is like to have a loved one who struggles with addiction, so a safe space is created to discuss what you’re feeling openly and freely.

A Positive Environment

The people who attend Nar-Anon meetings do so with a positive mindset. While they may be struggling with the effects of having a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are thankful for the opportunity to speak to others who are in the same place they are.

An Icebreaker

In order to ensure everyone in attendance is on the same page, you will go through the booklet, reading different sections.

A Variety of Lifestyles

Since anyone can struggle with substance abuse, you will find that Nar-Anon meetings are filled with attendees from every walk of life. These different groups of people can help you feel more at ease, knowing that your life is not the only one that is affected by substance abuse. You can also find people with whom you have things in common.

A Large Number of Mothers

Nar-Anon meetings are attended by everyone from spouses to siblings to close friends, but mothers make up a large portion of the attendees since they can often be most affected by addiction (due to their unconditional maternal instinct to care for their children).

A Lot of Stories

One of the main parts of Nar-Anon meetings is the opportunity to share (anonymously, if you wish) your personal experience of helping a loved one with drug or alcohol addiction. While you are not required to share your own story, many find it therapeutic to do so.

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