In the minds of many, the first step in breaking free from drug or alcohol addiction is to stop using whatever substance one has been abusing. However, it’s not always that simple. In some cases, when an adult has been using certain substances in high quantities or for such a long period of time that they no longer have control over their usage, there needs to be a more hands-on process.

This is where medical detox may be the best course of action to help them begin their recovery journey.

Why You May Need Medical Detox in Recovery

What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox involves using medication and medical support to bring a drug or alcohol-dependent person to a non-dependent state. The person will receive specific medications so they are less likely to experience the severe side effects of withdrawal.

Reasons for Medical Detox

Reduces Fear of Quitting

For some adults, the singular fear of experiencing withdrawal is enough to keep them from trying to get sober. Since medical detox can prevent those difficult side effects, it can calm those fears and help encourage a person to seek treatment.

Effective in Treating Addiction

Since each type of substance has different effects on a person’s body and brain, medical detox can help address the various factors associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. While certain medications can help with symptoms, such as nausea, psychological support can be provided to further help an adult cope during the process.

Safer Than Other Methods

Some adults may try to quit using a cold-turkey approach, but this is often a poor path. Not only does this method often prove ineffective, but abruptly stopping using certain substances, such as opioids, can be dangerous to the person’s health.

Medical detox can help an adult safely and gradually detox from their substance under the supervision of medical professionals.

Address Midlife Addiction in North Carolina

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