Deadlines. Meetings. Quarterly projects. Long hours. There is no shortage of reasons that your job would make you feel stressed and under pressure to perform. With the increasingly intense and demanding work environments adults find themselves in, more working professionals may find themselves turning to stimulants to give them the energy and focus they feel they need to make it through the day.

One of the main sources adults can turn to is cocaine. Unfortunately, this drug has become a common workplace problem over the past few decades.

Cocaine Use Has Shifted

Decades ago, cocaine use was mostly limited to the party scene, something adults would use to keep the night going. However, over the past several years, this drug has moved into the workplace by adults who want the same elated and energetic effect during the day.

Workplaces are Becoming More Demanding

The increased pressure to perform at work has left many adults seeking a way to enhance their ability to stay on top of things in their careers. Since cocaine has the ability to make one feel energetic and focused, it has become a go-to for some professionals.

Cocaine is Highly Addictive

What can start as occasional use can quickly turn into a full-blown addiction when adults start using cocaine. Due to the chemical makeup of the drug as well as the belief that one cannot function regularly without it, adults can quickly find themselves using cocaine much more often and unable to go without it.

The elated effects of cocaine coupled with the difficult effects of withdrawal can make it tough for someone struggling with an addiction to admit they have a problem and seek treatment.

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